Wednesday, August 23rd

Wherewithfall (Saison)
6.4% ABV - 12 IBU - 4 SRM

Pilsner malt provides a simple, bread-like backbone to highlight a yeast with both esters and phenolics that can be described as fruity and peppery in character

​​​Man's Best Friend (Belgian Strong Golden Ale)​

10.6% ABV - 40 IBU - 4 SRM

Strong and boozy, yet slightly sweet golden ale with fruity and spicy ester character from Belgian yeast


Friday, August 25th

​​​Loggerhead Shrike (Witbier)​

5.8% ABV - 13 IBU - 3 SRM

Pilsner and wheat malts work together in this ale for a smooth, slightly sweet foundation. Our brewers then added Belgian yeast, coriander and orange peel, creating a complex and satisfying blend of floral, spiced esters and citrus notes.  Finally, a light-handed touch of chamomile gives a bump to the sweetness.

*Experimental and small-batch beers are limited and will run out quickly, so don't expect these beers to hang around for long--get in here soon after they tap to try them!

Audible (German Blonde w/ Hibiscus and Coriander)
7% ABV - 21 IBU - 5 SRM

This creative twist on a classic started just like Breton Blonde before our brewers called an “audible” and fermented the Breton wort with German ale yeast for a clean, slightly fruity flavor. They then further distinguished this delicious creation with coriander for citrusy and herbal character and hibiscus for a slightly rosy color and mild, berry-like flavor.

Rock Autumn (Belgian Strong Golden Ale)
10.6% ABV - 40 IBU - 4 SRM

Strong and boozy, yet slightly sweet golden ale with fruity, spicy esters from Belgian yeast addition

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Owl Parliament (IPA)
7.4% ABV - 50 IBU - 4 SRM

West Coast IPA with wheat addition for added body and mild sweetness. Hopped generously with El Dorado and Mosaic hops for a sweet, citrus-like, and slightly floral hop character​​.

Friday, December 23