​​​Current Lineup

Treat, Please (Peanut Butter Blonde Ale) - 7.25% ABV - 11 IBU: 
​A full bodied peanut butter blonde with rich and sweet caramel/peanut butter fudge flavors. 

The Moose (Grapefruit IPA) – 7.4% ABV – 65 IBU :
This IPA is molded in the image of our classic Hoppopotamus
but has the addition of grapefruit zest to enhance the fruity
hop aroma and flavors.

Breton Blonde (Belgian Blonde Ale) 6.5% ABV – 20 IBU:
Classic and true to style, our latest Belgian Blonde brings together Pilsner malt, wheat, and European noble hops to create a spicy floral flavor and a satisfying finish that is classically Belgian.

Kanga-Brew (Australian IPA) - 7.1% ABV - 52 IBU:
This IPA is crammed full of Pacific hops that provide huge tropical fruit notes. A minuscule kettle hop addition along with a sizable whirlpool and dry hop on this beer keeps the bitterness very low, but the hop flavor extremely high. The malts provide just enough body to offer a touch of balance and maintain the smooth and pillowy mouthfeel.

Prunus Maximus (Apricot Saison) 6.5% ABV – 15 IBU:
Pilsner and pale malts blend seamlessly together allowing the yeast esters to shine. Apricot puree adds fruitiness on the way to a slightly-tart finish. One of our new summer favorites!

​Gnat King Kölsch (Kölsch) - 5% ABV - 21 IBU:
This Kolsch style ale is an exercise in balance and subtlety. Pilsner malt provides a clean malt character and a medium-light body that is complimented by saaz hops. The long, cold fermentation and maturation of this ale creates a crisp and clean profile, in which all flavors are harmonious and nothing is out of place.

​River Hog (Wheat IPA) – 7.2% ABV - 50 IBU:
This IPA is heavily dosed with El Dorado hops, giving it a sugar coated citrus candy aroma and a peach forward flavor. The hops in this beer are exclusively added at the end of the boil, in the whirlpool, and dry hop which created a blast of hop aroma and flavor, but keeps the bitterness quite low. Malted wheat provides body and balance, but still allows the hops to be front and center in this beer.

Game of Bones (Amber Biere de Garde) - 6.2% ABV - 24 IBU: 
This biere de garde is brewed in the image of the beers of northern France. A blend of six malts, with dark Munich malt taking the lead, combine to make a complex bready, sweet and slightly toasty profile. This beer is fermented cool for an extended amount of time to ensure a clean and dry finish. German magnum and Czech saaz hops provide just enough bitterness to balance out this decidedly malty beer.

Hopping Hyrax (American IPA) - 6.6% ABV - 75 IBU: 
This IPA is heavily hopped with four varieties of American hops and one New Zealand hop. The resulting aroma and flavor leans toward tropical fruit with a touch of grass and herbs. A dose of flaked wheat adds a touch of body, but still allows the hops to shine front and center. 

Chairman Meow (Double IPA) - 8.6% ABV - 95 IBU: 
This double IPA is loaded with over 6lbs of hops per barrel. Simcoe and Columbus hops are front and center, with notes of dank citrus and tropical fruit. The malts just balance out the beer, but still allow the hops to be the focus of this double IPA.​

Release the Monkeys (Banana Kolsch) – 5.5% ABV - 7 IBU:
Smooth and fruity with punchy banana flavor reminiscent of a malt shake.

Klipspringer (Hoppy Saison) – 7.5% ABV - 29 IBU:
Pilsner and white wheat malt combine to give this beer a sweet roundness at the front, leading the way to a hefty hop presence from Centennial and Citra hops. Belgian saison yeast provides a crisp dry and subtly-spiced finish. Klipspringer took home the gold medal in the Belgo-American Style Ale category at the 
2018 World Beer Cup!

Hog Body (American Barleywine) – 10% ABV - 85 IBU:
Hog Body is a dangerously drinkable, hopped up American Barleywine. A blend of six different malts gives this beer complex notes of caramel, toast, and just a hint of roast. This is balanced out by massive additions of Cascade, Centennial and Columbus hops which provide citrus and pine flavors and aromas. We also dry hopped this beer to add even more hop character. The combination of the malts and hops create a  sweet and fruity flavor reminiscent of orange marmalade.​

Rut Roh (Amber Ale) - 6.3% ABV – 25 IBU:
Malt-forward amber with a sweet bread-like character and slight toasty flavor. Light additions of Cascade and Columbus hops give the slightest hint of citrusy bitterness.

Hoppopotamus (American IPA) - 7.3% ABV – 70 IBU:
Mosaic and Citra steal the show in this hopped up brew. The pop of bitterness in the first sip is quickly followed by strong citrus flavors and notes of tropical fruit, which balance gently with a light-handed dose of Vienna malt.

Nap in the Hammock (Cream Ale) - 4.8% ABV – 17 IBU:
Our classic cream ale starts light and bright, maintains a smooth creaminess throughout, and ends with the unique sweetness of flaked maize. Although the corn ingredient has fallen out of popular usage in this style, we embrace the historical element by including corn and fulfill the expectation of a modern cream ale with an undeniably smooth, creamy body. 

La Vaquera Rubia (Blonde Ale w/ Citrus and Habanero)
– 7.3% ABV - 23 IBU:
A delicious Blonde Ale w/ Citrus and Habanero.

Pollock Frolic (American Wheat Ale w/Spices and Citrus)
– 4.8% ABV - 15 IBU:
This easy drinking and refreshing American wheat ale has light additions of coriander and bitter orange peel in the boil to give a slight citrusy and spiced character. A touch of fresh orange zest is also added to make this beer even more quenching, perfect for the summer heat.

Kitten Slumber Party (Chocolate Milk Stout)
6.4% ABV - 28 IBU:
Roasted notes up front, followed by strong chocolate from the malt and addition of Endangered Species 60% Dark Chocolate. Nose is all chocolate, with a thick, creamy body. 

Jackaroo (English Mild Ale) – 3.7% ABV – 17 IBU:
Our award-winning Jackaroo is a clean, crisp, extremely 
drinkable English Dark Mild. Brewed as a testament to the traditional style, it elicits the historic character by using true 
mild malt and maintaining a low ABV. The English Dark Mild
style predates the United States by over a century and is a rare find in American beer culture today, but we raise a glass to 
​its reemergence.

*Also available on Nitro and/or Cask

Upcoming Tappings

Monday, 8/27

Puppy Chow (Peanut Butter Milk Stout) – 6.4% ABV – 28 IBU :
A deliciously smooth milk stout with added
​peanut buttery goodness.



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