1. Can I bring my infant/child/20-year-old cousin to your tap room?

  • No. We are a 21+ establishment and we cannot have underage people on our premises.  

2. Can I bring my dog/rabbit/brave cat?

  • Yes! We do not prepare food in the brewery, so friendly pets are welcome! Please observe pet etiquette rules and keep your pets leashed. Make sure your pet plays nice with others--we frequently have other pets in the brewery!

3. Do you have food?

  • Because we are a pet-friendly establishment, we cannot legally serve food, but we do have Union Jack's at Metazoa, a food truck that sits outside our taproom and serves a delicious variety of pub food with a twist. We also keep ClusterTruck menus around the tap room for your convenience. You are also welcome to bring or order in your own food. We'll provide the beer. 

4. Where do I park?

  • We have our own private parking lot just for the brewery! If the lot is full, parking along College and other nearby streets is plentiful and free. 

5. I'm looking for a venue and/or beer provider for my event. Would Metazoa be interested?

  • ​We'd love to be part of your event. Contact lauren@metazoa.beer with all the details.

​6. To what animal & wildlife organizations do you donate and how can *worthy organization* become part of this program?

Frequently Asked Questions...