Metazoa Brewing Co.


5% of Metazoa's profits are donated to animal and wildlife organizations.

Current Lineup

Nap In The Hammock (Cream Ale)

Kinkajou (Honey Weiss)

Klispringer (Hoppy Saison)

**Speedy The 3-Legged Cat (Belgian Tripel)

*Breton Blonde (Belgian Blonde)

*Kitten Slumber Party (Choc. Milk Stout)

Walk In The Park (Hefeweizen)

​Cobbler's Ale (Wheat Ale w/ apricot and spices)

Abuelita (Mexican Choc. Blonde)

Barn Cat (Pale w/ Hallertau Blanc hops)

Rhino Crash (Blonde Ale w/ citrus and habanero)

Wee Bit Left (Strong Scotch Ale)

Sly Minx (Spiced Wheat)

*Also available on Nitro and/or Cask

**Also available for purchase in 22oz bomber bottles

Tapping This Week

Wednesday 12/13

Lemony Snicket (Lemon, Juniper, and Star Anise Wheat Ale) - 6.2% ABV - 10 IBU: Wheat ale base beer with citrus and herbal notes from spice additions

Friday 12/15

Out Of A Hat ​(Belgian IPA) - 7.4% ABV - 52 IBU: Citrus-forward aroma from American hops along with notes of fruit and spice from Belgian ale yeast produce this intensely-hopped Belgian IPA